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TFM 03: Interview With Todd Staerker/Overcoming The Power Of Addiction

By David Johnson | 06/25/2015 |

In this episode of the True Family Men Podcast we interview my good friend Todd Staerker. This episode will cover everything from addicition, parenting, marriage, and even some gym talk! enjoy If you want to connect with Todd here are the links below Todd’s Facebook If you benefited from the show at all a…

TFM :02 The Heart Of A True Family Man! my personal journey

By David Johnson | 06/08/2015 |

In this episode of the True Family Men Podcast I discuss the last two years of my life the good, bad, and the ugly. I talk about how I overcame my struggles, and out of this hardship my life’s purpose was born. In This Episode You Will Learn: My personal journey as a family man…

TFM 01: Welcome To The True Family Men Podcast!

By David Johnson | 06/02/2015 |

In this very first episode of the True Family Men Podcast my wife Rachelle puts me in the hot seat and asks me a series of questions to help introduce me (David Johnson) and the show. This was a fun first episode, because my wife did not allow me to see the questions beforehand. So…