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True Family Men Listener Support Page

Thank you for your interest in supporting the True Family Men Podcast! We are choosing to be a listener supported show. This means listeners show support by donating financially, praying for the future of the podcast, and also sharing the message of what it means to be a True Family Man. We believe the transparent content that is being shared every week is not worth interrupting with cheesy underwear ads and the latest supplement fad, just to make a few bucks selling you products you don't need. If you feel you are getting value from this show, please help us by becoming a supporter and help spread the message that there are Men of God willing to take a stand for their families and for Christ. Thanks!

One-Time Donation

If you are interested in donating as a one time gift of any amount please click the donation button below. One time donations are greatly appreciated of any amount big or small, it adds up in the long run.

Subscription ( Month to Month)

If you are interested in contributing on a monthly basis the subscription option is the best route to go. Please click the drop down menu and choose a donation option that works best for you.

Give Monthly

*Hero Status*

Listeners who donate a total of $500 in any way receive Hero Status. Listeners who enter Hero Status will pick a superhero, historical figure, movie character or any person who inspires them to become great! After entering hero status you will receive a free gift pertaining to your character and every donation you make after entering hero status will be accompanied by 1-2 audio clips relating to your hero.

Ex: David Johnson- Hero status Wolverine (1-2 audio clips) 


For Checks: 

Send to Truth Reconstructed LLC 5268 Bayshore Rd Oregon, Ohio 43616

Make Checks Payable To Truth Reconstructed LLC


*Your name,occupation or hobby, and amount donated will be mentioned at the end of show credits on the most recent episode following your donation (your the producer) unless you choose to remain anonymous. Also if you have a note to share you can leave a message with your donation or email


Thank you for all the support and may God bless your giving into the True Family Men Ministry!!


*Disclaimer* True Family Men Podcast operates under the terms and conditions of Truth Reconstructed LLC. We are not a non profit organization. Donations to the True Family Men Podcast are not tax deductible.