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Hey I’m David Johnson founder of True Family Men. I believe the lord has called me to build a strong community of men. The mission of this community is to allow men to learn from one another's successes and failures in marriage and parenting. The True Family Men Podcast was born to give men a platform to share their testimonies of how Jesus Christ has brought them out of life greatest challenges and how to begin the healing process. We as men face many problems in life from lust, pornography addiction, drug and alcohol addiction, anger, stress, false sense of manliness, the list is endless, but through a strong community of believers and the redeeming power of christ's blood we can overcome!

When I'm not recording podcast episodes or working my day job at the post office I enjoy spending time with my wife of 7 years and three kids. We enjoy camping, eagle hunting, hiking, and the  weekly chic-fila splurges! I personally enjoy reading, weight lifting, and connecting with new men across the world who have a love for Jesus Christ.

I believe that God has called us family men to be the spiritual leaders of our homes. It's time to rise up and show our community, friends, co-workers, and family members what a true Godly man looks like. Take a stand brothers and help me build this community of men who are helping each other grow mentally, physically and spiritually to better lead their families! 


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